I’m an artist and a visual activist. My work includes my two books, Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes and Familiar Men: A Book of Nudes, and my Japanese photographs, Women of Japan. I always work in collaboration with the people and communities I photograph. My black and white images are formalist in style, and intimate and vivid portraits.

For most of my 26 years as a photographer, I was a black-and-white fine-art photographer working in the darkroom. Now I’m passionately involved in making Memory Landscapes, a color digital visual memoir of my life and my politics, using 21st century technology to create a layered interacting aesthetic of memory.
I live in San Francisco in my studio and garden with my cat George. I have always lived in intense communities of art and intellectual collaboration.
I’m Jewish, I’m queer, and I grew up in another world (the 1950’s), with good art and monsters. I have two fabulous daughters and a full and fortunate life.

My Wikipedia page and my CV have much more. John Wells interviewed me when I had a major exhibit in Osaka, Japan, in 2001.